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            Packaging machinery manufacturer

            Focus on vertical packaging machine, bag type packaging machine, warm blister packaging machine, three-dimensional packaging machine. High speed heat shrinkable machine, tablet press, box filling machine, filling machine and other related technologies, products and all-round solutions, covering food, shoes and clothing, fashion
            Contact us

            ZheJiang SOULYAM Machinery CO.,LTD

            聯系_03.png Add: No.44-45 Workshop, D-10 Industrial Park Zhongchuang, Pingyang, Zhejiang, China.

            聯系_06.png Tel: 0086-577-6378 2122

            聯系_06.png Mobile:0086-13967779311

            聯系_08.png WhatsApp/Wechat:0086-13967779311

            聯系_10.png E-mail:info@soulyammachine.com