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        Assembly line physiotherapy
        Technical parameter
        Flow Path
        Pro Details
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        L direct separation material handling: conveying platform + transition conveyor + steering machine + automatic material handling + packaging machine.
        2 applicable to the incoming material state: the vertical and horizontal direction of incoming material is more uniform, and the plant is arranged longitudinally
        Suitable for cake, bread, biscuit, wife cake, mung bean cake, chocolate cake and other products with regular shape.
        Advantages of the equipment: the advantages of the automatic sorting system, suitable for the orderly arrangement or disordered mode, simple structure, simple operation, easy adjustment, and convenient and fast disassembly and assembly of wide belt.
        Advantages of automatic feeding system;
        Accurate positioning and high speed,
        Different specifications of products are easy to replace, easy to set up, the belt can be quickly disassembled without tools, and the structure is simple. Easy to clean,
        The finishing line and automatic material handling are controlled by the same control system. The linkage mechanism is implemented in the speed, that is, when the back end material is small, the front section is fast and simple; when the back end material is large, the front section is slow; when the back end (packaging machine) stops, the front end stops. Reduce the frequency of packing machine downtime, ensure the quality of product sealing
        For products with high packaging requirements,
        The system adopts central integrated control technology to adjust the distribution automatically according to the speed and quantity of materials. The system consists of material guiding unit, dividing unit, receiving unit, packing unit, storing unit and general control unit. The system arranges and arranges the materials in a flexible way through the guiding unit, and the lane dividing unit moves through the lane separation
        The product is allocated to each receiving unit set at the top. The storage unit distributes the products to the buffer area through the instruction of the material distribution system. When the packaging line can meet the packaging requirements, the materials are redistributed to the packaging line through the circulation system to complete the packaging, so as to ensure that the whole line can meet the continuous production demand.

        The quality and performance of the equipment are constantly improved. The appearance, technical parameters and features of the machine are subject to change without prior notice