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        Combination weighing automatic packaging machine
        Technical parameter
        Flow Path
        Pro Details
        Pro Video
        It is suitable for puffed food, sweet peanuts, green beans, melon seeds, rice, millet, seeds, biscuits, pistachio, chakouxi, jelly, dumplings, Tangyuan, monosodium glutamate, coffee, granulated sugar and other granular materials.
        Imported PLC, man-machine interface control system, touch screen operation is simple and intuitive.
        Servo film feeding system, accurate positioning, sealing and cutting position using automatic deviation correction device, high degree of automation.
        Intelligent temperature controller, accurate temperature control, ensure beautiful and smooth sealing.
        Perfect automatic alarm protection function. Reduce the loss to low.
        The machine can automatically complete the whole packaging process of feeding, measuring, filling and bag making, date printing and counting automatically.
        The machine can make pillow bag and punching bag according to customer??s need

        The quality and performance of the equipment are constantly improved. The appearance, technical parameters and features of the machine are subject to change without prior notice